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A Jewellery Making Day Experience


Spend a day learning in a professional jewellers workshop


Enjoy a day of personal 1-2-1 tuition in a working jewellers workshop on a project of your choice. Work with a jeweller with 20 years practical jewellery making experience and a qualified teacher for 30+ years  to learn new techniques or enhance existing skills.  The workshop  is fully equipped with all the professional equipment you will need for your days activities. The day is designed specifically around you so the content will vary from person to person and it can be as relaxing or challenging as you want it to be.

The day starts with an introductory chat at 9.15am with a cup of tea or coffee. Activities begin at 9.30am and finish promptly at 4.30pm.

A light lunch is included. Refreshments will be taken, as needed throughout the day. Food allergies, intolerances and preferences will be discussed and accommodated prior to the experience day.

A Jewellery Making Experience is  a lovely way to have fun learning new skills, making something beautiful. It can be enjoyed on your own or with a family member or friend. It makes a perfect gift for the lady or gent who had everything or just like to challenged themselves to doing something new.

Previous projects have included:

Ring making

Spinning ring making

Pendant making

Personalised hand made chain bracelet

Anticlastic bangle forging

Learning how to create a beautiful string of pearls or beads with a gorgeous handmade silver fastening.

Creating a beautiful handmade silver chain


Terms and Conditions

  • Jewellery Making Day  Experiences are limited to a maximum of 6 days per month.
  • Workshop days can be booked for up to one year in advance. 
  • Once purchased the workshop experience day voucher is valid for one year.
  • The content of the workshop must be agreed with the tutor one week prior to the day of the experience. 
  • Additional costs maybe incurred if your chosen project requires more than the allocated amount of materials (more than 10g of silver and any stones, pearls or beads used on the day).
  • The number of items which can be made in the day will depend on the project chosen and the ability of the participant.
  • The workshop can accommodate two participants comfortably. The price for the experience is per person.
  • Any dietary allergies, intolerances or strong preferences must be advised one week before the Jewellery Experience day is to take place.


“I would just like to say thank you to Karen for a fabulous day. I brought my mum for something completely different. She is quite creative. I have zero artistic talents, but with Karen’s guidance I have produced some jewellery that I am very, very proud of. We had a lovely lunch, a great day with my mum and loved every minute of it.” Heidi Berry

“I can thorough recommend coming. I have managed to make two things. But, for me it is about having a fun day together. It really has been fun. Thank you.” Valerie Bulcock

"The course far exceeded my expectations.  It was fun and very enjoyable and enabled me to try something that I have never done before and to understand and appreciate the jewellery making process.   The 1:1 approach worked perfectly for me as Karen was expert in demonstrating the various pieces of equipment and the process to follow and then enabled me to do it for myself, so the end result was a beautiful piece of jewellery, in my case, a spinning ring, which was made using the skills and techniques shown to me on the day.  I can highly recommend the experience to anyone." Sue Isaacson


“I have made in less than a day’s work this beautiful piece of jewellery. I have bought lots of jewellery from Karen before which was always lovely, but then I heard about her workshops, so I booked on one. I had one to one tuition and made this and I love it. You can see I did it because my fingers are still dirty. She has got all these wonderful machines and equipment and you can come here and make you own jewellery. I love it.” Elke Hausler


"It was a great day. Working with Karen was a really good experience. It gave me confidence in using the materials and using the machinery, which is quite daunting if you have not used it for a long time or used it at all. So, I think whether you are a beginner or building on existing skills Karen adjusts her style and her support depending on what you need. It is a really good day to come out with a finished item when you started out with a very rough sketch in a book. It is just really good to have that professional support. The food at lunch was brilliant. And Karen keeps you to time. It is a lovely day and well worth doing. Thank you." Nicki Glen 

"It was a brilliant day. Never thought I could make anything like I made today"

 "I made my wife her gift for our 25th wedding anniversary- very pleased and i'm sure she will love it. It is a lot more special than buying something someone else made"

"An excellent day- help available throughout. Many Thanks."
  "Fantastic relaxed day. Very pleased to be able to make something bespoke. Can't wait to come back and make something else!"
Clare Lock              

I was very happy with what I learnt. Karen is very patient, kind and open. She is very skilled. I liked that she allows you to do everything yourself."