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Balance Collection

Sterling silver Balance pendant

The balance collection was inspired by my yoga practice. The smooth , tactile teardrop is designed to be touched and rotated. The teardrop shape represents the Gyan Mudra , a hand position in yoga. The thumb and first finger are pressed together to forma teardrop shape. This pose reduces depression, anxiety and stress, inducing calm and helping restore your inner balance. The teardrop also symbolises mindfulness- the practice of being totally present, neither in the past or the future. William Blake said that presence is the gateway to eternity. The greatest gift you can give someone is your total and undivided presence. The Balance collection is available as necklaces, pendants and earrings, helping your be present and in Balance every day.


Be-Leaf Collection

The Be-Leaf collection in sterling silver is elegant and timeless.

The beautiful , matt leaves are hinged together so that they articulate to lie smoothly and flatteringly over the skin.

Belief in yourself and your abilities is vital to achieve success. Henry Ford famously stated "Whether you think you can or you think you can't , you are right". I wear this necklace to remind myself to quash any self doubt and believe in my abilities. With the right mindset you are well one your way to achieving your dreams.





Blu Feather Spirit Collection

“Let me be like a feather,

Strong with purpose,

Good principles & values,

Flexible & forgiving,

Never rigid & unfeeling.

Should I ever stray from my path,

Know that I can self heal

And find my way once more.”

Have you ever felt like you wanted your jewellery to represent who you are? A sign of your strength, your flexibility, your integrity. A symbol of your principles and good values. A token that shows that no matter what pain, trauma or hardship you are confronted by you have it within you to self heal. The feather can represent all these qualities.

Strength : a feather has a  central shaft which provided a strong core and integral strength.

Purpose: the main purpose of a feather is very specific. Feather allow birds to fly, to soar high in the sky, free to travel wherever their hearts desire.

Flexible: although inherently strong a feather is flexible. It can give and bend as the environment demands.

Self repair: The feathery barbs stick together to maintain the integrity of the feather. Should the barbs pull apart it is possible to smooth the feather back together again.

The significance of a feather is very personal. It is unique to you.

You may have great inner or physical strength with mental fortitude and persistence.

The flexibility of the feather maybe the characteristic that resonates with you. You are kind and warm. You can bend and be light of heart, not too rigid or unforgiving.

Flight maybe the metaphor that relates to you signifying you are ready to soar free and achieve your  wildest dreams. 

Trauma, grief and pain visit us all at some point in our lives. Perhaps it is the feather self healing properties that resonates with you now. 

Why Blu Feather Spirit?

A blue feather is rare in nature, reminding you that you are special with unique gifts to bring to the world. Blue is the colour of the throat chakra signifying communication and speaking your truth.

Why spirit? To remind you to live in the 'spirit' of the blue feather.

  • To be strong with purpose
  • To have good values and principles
  • To bend and show love and kindness
  • To know you are special and unique
  • To share your gifts with the world

Pendant and earrings are the first in the Blu Feather Spirit range. Available in sterling silver, 24ct gold vermeil and oxidised silver. Which feather speaks to you? 




Love jewellery?

Baffled by what to chose to make you look your best?

Want to select something outstanding for a special occasion?

This sumptuous book provides you with the invaluable, step-by-step guidance as to how to choose exactly the right jewellery for you, whether you're on the beach or going somewhere grand. Showcasing fabulously crafted pieces by some of the UK's finest jewellery designers, Does this look good on me? helps you select exactly the item to match your looks, your personality and your budget.

  • Colour test to discover whether you are a gold person or a silver person
  • FInd out which earrings suit your face shape
  • Discover what jewellery matches your personality
  • Pick up tips about the best jewellery to take on holiday
  • Explore some of the best UK jewellery design




Inspired by the effervescence of champagne bubbles the Champagne Collection is a beautiful range, the epitome of luxury and style.

Sterling silver ‘bubbles’ are enhanced with gold and freshwater pearls. The exquisite combination of colour, texture and shape means this range will be complimentary to the looks of most ladies. Whether you are after elegant jewellery for work wear, sophisticated city chic, or statement style for a special occasion there is something in this stunning collection that you will love and wear over and over again.

Classic Leaf

Stunning on individuals of all complexions

Inspired by the Roman laurel wreath head piece, the Classic Leaf Collection was the first full jewellery range in the KFD Jewellery portfolio. Designed in 2000 this collection has stood the test of time and continues to be a firm favourite with customers, who love the classic style and elegance that this range offers.

The leaves in this classic collection are stylised with the leaf forming a right-angle along the central vein. This design came about at the research and development stage. Paper templates were used to produce symmetrical leaves. Stiff paper was folded in two and one half of a leaf was drawn along the centre fold. The resulting cut out paper leaf partially opened to form a right angle - the shape used in the final design!

The jewellery in this collection is made in sterling silver, sterling silver and yellow 9ct gold and sterling silver with both yellow and rose 9ct gold. The mixture of silver and gold adds contrast and warmth to the jewellery. Texture is added by using both highly polished and hammered leaves in the final designs. Consequently this jewellery range is suitable for individuals of all complexions. People with cooler colourings suit silver, whilst warmer colourings are better with the added gold.

A good selection of torques, bangles, earrings, pendant and cufflinks make up this collection. Different jewellery sizes are available so it is easy to find your perfect size.

The elegant design of this collection adds sophistication and style to any outfit. For this collection, customer ages range from 16 to 87 years old, making this the perfect jewellery to purchase as a gift for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or a wedding.

Wear Classic Leaf Jewellery if you want to look and feel elegant, stylish and sophisticated.



Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products

Cocktail rings

Statement, fun, stylish rings made in silver & gold with precious and semi-precious stones.




Drop Earrings


Exotic Orchid

Inspired by the beautiful Cymbidium Orchid.

This dramatic range was originally commissioned by the owner of a gallery I supply. Katie was due to be married and wanted the theme of the wedding to be orchids as her future husband grew orchids as a hobby. The orchid in this collection is inspired by the beautiful Cymbidium orchid.

Made in sterling silver, but also both 9ct and 18ct golds this range is truly striking. The statement necklace features a large orchid flower which can be threaded over strings of freshwater pearls or precious stones. Changing the beads on which the pendant is threaded can dramatically change the look of the necklace and therefore increases the versatility of the piece.

A fabulous statement bangle and adjustable ring, as well as smaller flower earrings and pendants are also available in this range. Dramatic orchid cufflinks suitable for both gentlemen and ladies complete this impressive collection.

If you love exotic flowers, like dramatic jewellery and want to feel like a star this is the range for you.

Flame Collection

Fund raising jewellery

This  collection is not a singular collection of jewellery , but includes jewellery that I have made to raise funds for a worthy cause.

Monies from the sale of every piece of jewellery from this collection is donated to different charities or causes. I keep monies to cover my production costs, but all or a significant proportion of the profit from the jewellery is donated to the appropriate charity.

Gifts for £40.00 or less

Gifts for £85.00 or less

A selection of gifts from across all collections that are £85.00 or less.
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