A Limited Edition for Valentines day January 30 2017

Cross Your Heart sterling silver heart pendantI am often asked for heart jewellery, but as it doesn't fit into my general theme of nature, hearts are not in my jewellery portfolio............until now that is.  I have created  a mini collection which  is a  limited edition  to include heart pendants and earrings to celebrate Valentines Day. But here's the deal.  This Valentine collection is only available until 14th February 2017 and then on the stroke of midnight , like all good fairy tales the collection will disappear from the website.

The collection is small but perfectly formed. The hearts are made from a single length of hammered sterling silver which overlap at the top of the heart to form a little 'kiss'. The pendant and earrings are beautiful on its own, but following on from the Jenyus idea you can slide on pearl drops onto both the earrings and the pendant to change the look.

Prices start from just £30.00 but  buying an earring and pendant set gets you a discount. A perfect treat for yourself or the one your love.

Made With Passion. Given with Love. Worn with Style.




What do woman really want this Valentines day? January 26 2017

Top tips for Valentines Day

Buying a gift for Valentines Day can be a tricky business. 

Once you are past your teenage years women don't want something cute and cuddly with hearts all over it, you want  something that demonstrates thought and shows how much you are loved. But where do you start? To gain the appreciation of the lady in your life you need to show here that you have thought about her and what would really make her happy. You need to make her feel special. There are some very obvious pitfalls so I have written this brief guide with ideas, tips  and suggested products to make to make your life easier. Read the full story here

A typical working day at KFD Jewellery July 07 2015

Every day of my working life is different.....I like it that way....but they are some tasks that I complete almost every day. This article was written for Cambridge News. Read the full article HERE

Catwalks , Bloggers and Royalty March 31 2015

Cambridge Style Week
KFD Jewellery on the catwalk at Cambridge Style Week. Read more here

What is it I do all day? January 23 2015

People often say to me "Your are so lucky! It must be lovely spending all day making jewellery". Yes I am very fortunate and I count my blessings every day. However, contrary to popular belief,  I don't just make jewellery all day. When I wanted to change from my past career, a college science lecturer,  I was lucky enough to have not only my own inner drive , but the loving support of my husband and family to enable me to follow my passion. Like any small business the thing you are known for is only a small part of the actual mechanics of the business. Admin, sales, marketing, IT, customer service and finance all still have to take place. I 'do' most of these jobs and so some days I don't get into the workshop at all. READ the full article here

International Model Leads Catwalk Show September 22 2014

This is Daniella Race, Dani. Daniella is currently the face of my brand KFD Jewellery. On 4th November 2014 Daniella will be leading a group of professional models on the catwalk at the Square Peg fashion Show. Read more here

Square Peg Fashion Show. The Venue. September 19 2014

A glamorous fashion show, with professional, international models, showcasing new collections from desirable boutique designers must be held in an amazing venue, so we knew we had to find somewhere very special. Read more here

Fashion Catwalk Extravaganza September 16 2014

Would you like to attend a glamorous catwalk show, with high end boutique designers, professional models from a London agency held in a gorgeous venue and raise money for an outstanding cause? Of course you read on. 

SSAFA 's Calendar Girls & Guys Bare All August 21 2014

Baring all for SSAFA ! Read the full article HERE

The Five Secrets to Perfect Jewellery Selection August 01 2014

Do you have a beautiful jewellery which stays in the box and doesn't get worn?

We all have jewellery pieces that we love but  just don't 'look right' when we wear them. Why is this? We are all individuals who look different, do different things and have different opinions so there is it any surprise  that we don't all  look good and feel amazing with the same piece of jewellery. The truth is that selecting that perfect necklace, the one that looks fabulous on and makes you feel fantastic is a real skill.

I am often asked for my opinion when customers are choosing jewellery for themselves or as gifts  for loved ones. Just last week I was emailed by a lady who wanted help selecting the perfect 21st birthday gift for her daughter. I have never met her daughter, but by asking a series of questions and directing her to some of my free downloads we were able to arrive at the perfect solution. This was the comment I received with her order.

"Thank you so much for your explanations.  It is always a gamble hoping you make the right choice but I feel more confident with your excellent advice."

To make it really easy for everyone  to select the perfect piece of jewellery  for themselves or a loved one every time I have discovered that you only really need the answers to FIVE questions. Answering these five little questions unlocks to secrets to selecting your perfect jewellery. I wanted to make the process of unlocking these 5 secrets as easy as possible so I have put all the information you need into a short and absolutely free video course. This course consists of a series of  short videos with  downloadable PDF files . The first of these videos in the course is available now.

The course guides  you through the process the 4 L's. We will consider your

  1. Looks
  3. Love to be
  4. Lifestyle

 Being aware of your physical characteristics, personality, and lifestyle enables you to  make sure that your jewellery  is fit purpose and a good fit for you. 

Click HERE to get started. You can also enrol on the course by visiting my home page here


Designed with Passion. Given with Love. Worn with Style. 

New Additions to the Spring Collection June 30 2014

Spring continues to blossom!

I have  just added nine more products to my Spring Cherry Blossom Collection and there are several others ready to be added in the next couple of weeks.

Earlier last month I launched my new Spring Collection with great success. This is probably one of my most labour intensive collections. It was in the research and development stage for three times longer than any other range I have made so far.  The matt silver jewellery with oxidised designs were very popular, as expected. I have recently added a necklace, bracelet and earrings to this collection. However I wanted to add more. I wanted to try something new. I wanted to introduce different techniques into my jewellery.

My mother gave me a very stylish antique, Japanese cigarette case for my birthday last year.

I  never have and will never will smoke cigarettes. I was given the cigarette case not to hold cigarettes but as a beautiful case for my business cards. I love this case. Tiny strands of silver and 18ct gold have been  carefully  inlaid into the metal to produce this very elegant design. This case was the inspiration to my new 18ct gold oxidised silver additions to the Spring Collection.
Pendants were to first to be made in the black and gold including this commission set with a lovely diamond. 



In addition I designed some gorgeous single blossom earrings , which are easy to wear and go with everything. (I think these may become my new favourite earrings).

 A necklace and bracelet are set to be added to the website later this week ready for Cambridge Open Studios. I am really excited to be adding the most amazing cuffs to the collection the following week . 



Come and see the new additions to the Spring family at Cambridge Open Studios. I will be exhibiting in Grantchester Village Hall, Cambridge on 5th , 6th, 12th & 13th July 2014.


Designed with Passion. Given with Love.  Worn with Style .

Jewellery Courses June 06 2014

Personalised Jewellery Courses

"Do you run jewellery courses?" is a question that I am asked over and over again. For years I resisted but then, after a series of requests I thought "why not?"

In the 1990s I attended a jewellery making evening course. The course was run in a school woodwork and metal classroom. There were no jewellers benches, limited equipment which had to be shared with the whole group and although the teacher was experienced her time was  divided between all the class members. The majority of the lesson was spent waiting for the attention of the teacher or waiting  for a specific piece of equipment. I learnt some good basic skills but was deeply frustrated in the process. I have since attended several specialist courses in  jewellery schools which were excellent  but very expensive. I decided I would run the style of course that I would like to attend myself as a novice jeweller.

My jewellery day courses are held in my workshop which has two jewellers benches and a full range of specialist jewellers tools and machinery. On the day you will have my undivided attention from 9.30a.m to 4.30p.m. The courses are for a full day rather than a series of evening classes to allow you to become immersed in. The atmosphere on the day is fun and relaxed. All refreshments  and a light lunch are provided at no additional charge. The structure of each course is flexible to allow it to be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each participant. Whether you are very focused, or would prefer a more relaxed learning experience these  courses are perfect for you as we work at your pace and to your ability.

There  are currently 5 different courses available. The ideal first course is  'Make a ring in a day' as this teaches you good basic skills, but any of the courses can be taken with no previous experience.


Recent testimonial

"I have had an amazing day with my friend Heather as the wonderful Karen Faulkner-Dunkley took us through the making of a ring - an artist date for us to play at and really practical. I am now proudly wearing my new ring, designed, made, bent, hammered, annealed and cooled, polished and buffed all by my own fair hands!
Now, I love Karen's designs and some of you may know I own a few pieces of intricate beautiful jewellery. Today I gained so much more appreciation for just how amazing these bespoke pieces are. I now have huge admiration for the work that has gone into my ring, never mind my Torque and my new Champagne necklace! 
Give it a go, it's a magical way to spend a day! "      Helena Holrick