Sterling Silver Perseverance Stud earrings


Versatile and Stylish Sterling Silver Earrings

Elegant sterling silver earrings that can be worn anytime. The earrings have the Hydrangea design cut into them. The ear pin is located at the top of the earring so that the earrings hang half on and half below the ear (depends on position of the hole in your ear).

The hydrangea represents Perseverance. Perseverance is the key to all success.

This pendant was designed and made to help raise funds for The Square Peg a charity bases in Cambridgeshire, UK which supports autistic children and their families . The motto of the charity is engraved on the back of these limited edition pendants: 'KNOW. SUPPORT. EMPOWER.'

£10.00 from the sale of this sterling silver and apatite bead necklace goes directly to The Square Peg charity for autistic and special needs children and their families.