Mothers Day Jewellery Course Offer


A very special offer for Mother's Day 2020

Give your mum an extra special gift of time together  whilst you create beautiful silver jewellery. Spend a lovely morning with your mum in my workshop designing and making a gorgeous silver pendant or a pair of earrings of your choice. 

Once the work is done you can relax whilst I make you both a free delicious lunch.

As long as you are happy for me to photograph you during your course I will create a video of your experience as an additional keepsake of the special time you have spent with your mum.

This very special offer is only available until 22nd March 2020. Once the workshop has been purchased online  your morning in my workshop must be booked by 30th June 2020.

Terms and Conditions

  • The price of the course is for two people, a mother and her daughter.
  • The content of the workshop must be agreed with the tutor one week prior to the day of the experience. 
  • Additional costs maybe incurred if you chosen project requires more than the allocated amount of materials (more than 10g of silver and any stones, pearls or beads used on the day).
  • Any dietary allergies, intolerances or strong preferences must be stated one week before the Jewellery Experience day is to take place.