KFD Jewellery


Exotic Orchid

Inspired by the beautiful Cymbidium Orchid.
This dramatic range was originally commissioned by the owner of a gallery I supply. Katie was due to be married and wanted the theme of the wedding to be orchids as her future husband grew orchids as a hobby. The orchid in this collection is inspired by the beautiful Cymbidium orchid.
Made in sterling silver, but also both 9ct and 18ct golds this range is truly striking. The statement necklace features a large orchid flower which can be threaded over strings of freshwater pearls or precious stones. Changing the beads on which the pendant is threaded can dramatically change the look of the necklace and therefore increases the versatility of the piece.

A fabulous statement bangle and adjustable ring, as well as smaller flower earrings and pendants are also available in this range. Dramatic orchid cufflinks suitable for both gentlemen and ladies complete this impressive collection.

If you love exotic flowers, like dramatic jewellery and want to feel like a star this is the range for you.

A stunning, sterling silver pendant inspired by the mythological Phoenix rising from the ashes. It has a central coil to represent a fire whirl which burns brighter and , hotter and faster than normal flames.

The collection is infused with meaning and significance. See the blog for further information.