KFD Jewellery


Classic Leaf

Stunning on individuals of all complexions
Inspired by the Roman laurel wreath head piece, the Classic Leaf Collection was the first full jewellery range in the KFD Jewellery portfolio. Designed in 2000 this collection has stood the test of time and continues to be a firm favourite with customers, who love the classic style and elegance that this range offers.

The leaves in this classic collection are stylised with the leaf forming a right-angle along the central vein. This design came about at the research and development stage. Paper templates were used to produce symmetrical leaves. Stiff paper was folded in two and one half of a leaf was drawn along the centre fold. The resulting cut out paper leaf partially opened to form a right angle - the shape used in the final design!

The jewellery in this collection is made in sterling silver, sterling silver and yellow 9ct gold and sterling silver with both yellow and rose 9ct gold. The mixture of silver and gold adds contrast and warmth to the jewellery. Texture is added by using both highly polished and hammered leaves in the final designs. Consequently this jewellery range is suitable for individuals of all complexions. People with cooler colourings suit silver, whilst warmer colourings are better with the added gold.

A good selection of torques, bangles, earrings, pendant and cufflinks make up this collection. Different jewellery sizes are available so it is easy to find your perfect size.

The elegant design of this collection adds sophistication and style to any outfit. For this collection, customer ages range from 16 to 87 years old, making this the perfect jewellery to purchase as a gift for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or a wedding.

Wear Classic Leaf Jewellery if you want to look and feel elegant, stylish and sophisticated.