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Re-Imagined jewellery

Have you inherited a piece of jewellery from a loved one? Is it hidden away at the back of a drawer unseen and unworn?

Let me give this jewellery a new life by redesigning it into a new stylish piece of jewellery you will cherish and be proud to wear. The stones from old jewellery can be recycled to create beautiful new pieces. Rings can become pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets or more modern new rings with a style that really reflects your personality and lifestyle.

A ring re-imagined into a pendant

The ring was dated and too small to be worn. Anne is a yoga teacher and very spiritual. The La Luna pendant resonated with her and so I added the stones from her ring to the pendant and chain

A pendant re-designed from a ring

 "The pendant is stunningly beautiful and magical." Anne


A gold ring re-imagined into a more contemporary silver ring

The ring was very small, made in gold and in a style Jenny didn't like. The stones were taken from the gold ring and used to create a beautiful silver ring which Jenny loves.

A gold ring is redesigned into a contemporary silver ring

"I was so pleased with my re-modelled ring (above) designed and crafted by Karen.  It's now wearable, stylish and much admired.  Using the stones from my inherited ring means the sentimental connection is still there but continued in a new and beautiful way.  Thank you Karen - I shall enjoy wearing it." Jenny


If you would like to have a piece of jewellery redesigned contact me using the form below

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