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Does this look good on me? Host a party that will stay with you and your guests forever

If you are like me you are always searching for new, experiences to share with friends.  Why not book a KFD Jewellery party? Learn something new, have fun with your friends, and maybe find a little treat for yourself!

Discover your perfect jewellery style to look and feel amazing. Always.

A KFD jewellery party is more than an opportunity for you and your friends to browse, try on, and buy exquisite, hand -made jewellery. Author and jewellery designer Karen Faulkner-Dunkley will share the secrets of choosing the jewellery that flatters and enhances the facial features.  

Discover style tips and tricks to help you make your best first impression

Develop a personal checklist of the type, shape and style that suits each person

And best of all ...........earn while your learn!

Pieces from every collection within the KFD Jewellery shop will be displayed in your home and be available for you and your guests to view and try. Armed with a personal guide to choosing the perfect jewellery your guests will be able to examine, try and buy the elegant hand-made pieces that Karen designs and crafts in her workshop in rural Cambridgeshire.

 This evening is designed to be a 'hands on' interactive experience so the maximum number of guests should  be 16 , with the minimum viable number being 6 guests including the host. 

The party host receives a percentage of the total sales against KFD Jewellery . The greater the sales the higher is your reward.

A typical evening will start at 7.30p.m. and finish at 9.30p.m. Please allow an additional hour to set up the jewellery display and approximately 30 minutes to pack away at the end of the evening.

Currently parties are only available in a 40 mile radius from Ely, Cambridgeshire.