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Seductive Siren On Pearls



The elegant 'Seductive Siren' has long flowing hair, long limbs and bird like wings. This beautiful pendant is produced in sterling silver and strung on freshwater pearls. Available in black, white or pink pearls. The pearls are subject to variability.

17" chain as standard but can be made to any length. Add message at end of order if another size is desired.

H: 43mm
W: 39mm


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"During my time designing and building Karen's website, I just couldn't take my eyes off the Seductive Siren necklace. I love the entire Faeries with Attitude Collection, but the Seductive Siren really stood out to me. I felt the piece suited me, my personality and style perfectly. With such an impeccable eye for detail, Karen has a remarkable design talent. Her passion for jewellery design is unmistakeable. I wish her all the best in KFD and long may she continue to make stunning jewellery!"- Alessandra Mace


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