Anticlastic Cuff

Both timeless and fashionable these hand forged, sterling silver cuffs are a very popular addition to every ladies jewellery box.

Anticlastic is a term used to describe when the metal is forged to curve in two opposite directions, like a saddle - the cuff curves around the wrist, but the edges also curve outwards in the opposite direction. No two bangles are identical due to the hand forged nature of their production, so each piece is unique! These cuffs are versatile, easy to wear and seem to go with everything!

There are two surfaces available, highly polished and hammered. The polished surface is highly reflective and shiny. It makes a real statement, but care is needed to avoid scratches and finger prints. The hammered surface is perhaps not as dramatic, but camouflages any inadvertent scratches and fingerprints.

Available in two width sand in sterling silver and sterling silver plated with 18ct gold. The gold plated cuffs are hard wearing, look amazing and can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of a solid 18ct gold cuff.