A Limited Edition for Valentines day January 30 2017

Cross Your Heart sterling silver heart pendantI am often asked for heart jewellery, but as it doesn't fit into my general theme of nature, hearts are not in my jewellery portfolio............until now that is.  I have created  a mini collection which  is a  limited edition  to include heart pendants and earrings to celebrate Valentines Day. But here's the deal.  This Valentine collection is only available until 14th February 2017 and then on the stroke of midnight , like all good fairy tales the collection will disappear from the website.

The collection is small but perfectly formed. The hearts are made from a single length of hammered sterling silver which overlap at the top of the heart to form a little 'kiss'. The pendant and earrings are beautiful on its own, but following on from the Jenyus idea you can slide on pearl drops onto both the earrings and the pendant to change the look.

Prices start from just £30.00 but  buying an earring and pendant set gets you a discount. A perfect treat for yourself or the one your love.

Made With Passion. Given with Love. Worn with Style.




What do woman really want this Valentines day? January 26 2017

Top tips for Valentines Day

Buying a gift for Valentines Day can be a tricky business. 

Once you are past your teenage years women don't want something cute and cuddly with hearts all over it, you want  something that demonstrates thought and shows how much you are loved. But where do you start? To gain the appreciation of the lady in your life you need to show here that you have thought about her and what would really make her happy. You need to make her feel special. There are some very obvious pitfalls so I have written this brief guide with ideas, tips  and suggested products to make to make your life easier. Read the full story here