Jewellery Courses June 06 2014

Personalised Jewellery Courses

"Do you run jewellery courses?" is a question that I am asked over and over again. For years I resisted but then, after a series of requests I thought "why not?"

In the 1990s I attended a jewellery making evening course. The course was run in a school woodwork and metal classroom. There were no jewellers benches, limited equipment which had to be shared with the whole group and although the teacher was experienced her time was  divided between all the class members. The majority of the lesson was spent waiting for the attention of the teacher or waiting  for a specific piece of equipment. I learnt some good basic skills but was deeply frustrated in the process. I have since attended several specialist courses in  jewellery schools which were excellent  but very expensive. I decided I would run the style of course that I would like to attend myself as a novice jeweller.

My jewellery day courses are held in my workshop which has two jewellers benches and a full range of specialist jewellers tools and machinery. On the day you will have my undivided attention from 9.30a.m to 4.30p.m. The courses are for a full day rather than a series of evening classes to allow you to become immersed in. The atmosphere on the day is fun and relaxed. All refreshments  and a light lunch are provided at no additional charge. The structure of each course is flexible to allow it to be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each participant. Whether you are very focused, or would prefer a more relaxed learning experience these  courses are perfect for you as we work at your pace and to your ability.

There  are currently 5 different courses available. The ideal first course is  'Make a ring in a day' as this teaches you good basic skills, but any of the courses can be taken with no previous experience.


Recent testimonial

"I have had an amazing day with my friend Heather as the wonderful Karen Faulkner-Dunkley took us through the making of a ring - an artist date for us to play at and really practical. I am now proudly wearing my new ring, designed, made, bent, hammered, annealed and cooled, polished and buffed all by my own fair hands!
Now, I love Karen's designs and some of you may know I own a few pieces of intricate beautiful jewellery. Today I gained so much more appreciation for just how amazing these bespoke pieces are. I now have huge admiration for the work that has gone into my ring, never mind my Torque and my new Champagne necklace! 
Give it a go, it's a magical way to spend a day! "      Helena Holrick