Why Choose Hand- Crafted Jewellery? Green Eggs No Ham! October 25 2013

Why Choose Hand Crafted Jewellery?

I have a Goldsmiths' student, Lydia  who worked with me over the summer and helps me on Saturdays. Her mum keeps chickens that produce beautiful, organic, free range eggs, with gorgeous green/blue shells. Over the summer I was gifted  a box of these fabulous eggs.  I have a health conscious family so  we eat a lot of good quality, free range eggs, but they are not like Lydia's, hers were special.  Apart from looking amazing these were premium eggs, high quality......a cut above the normal 'run of the mill' free range variety. The shell was strong and thick, evidence that the hens who produced them were well kept and well nourished - their care and well being was researched and planned by Lydia's mum. The yolk was a rich, deep golden colour showing that the hens had fed from grass so were truly free range. Both the yolk and the albumen were raised indicating the freshness of the eggs........they were perfect! In addition each egg was unique and different from the others, varying in size, shape and the shade of  green/blueness of the shell
Beautiful hand made jewellery is the jewellery equivalent to Green Eggs. The designer has worked through a process of design, researching the subject area thoroughly . He/she usually works from  drawings which are repeatedly re- worked and developed to produce the final design. The materials are carefully chosen and due consideration is given to the techniques and tools used to form the jewellery from that given material.The designer is very often the maker too and has spent years honing his or her skills to enable the jewellery to be made and finished to a high quality.
By its very  nature hand made jewellery is special, individual, and often bespoke to the customer. The number of pieces made of each design is limited , therefore you are unlikely to meet anyone wearing the same jewellery - the same can't be said from the mass produced  jewellery sold in our high street stores or huge online outlets (the ham). Designers are passionate about their work and pour their creativity into their designs. Show your  personality by choosing a designer who reflects your unique style and preferences.
At KFD Jewellery I pride myself in designing stylish , elegant jewellery which you will  make you look and feel fabulous. My new Champagne Collection has been carefully designed so the colours, textures and shapes flatter most ladies. 
I am passionate about my designs and want everyone who wears my jewellery to love their chosen pieces and feel beautiful, elegant and stylish when they wear them . For this reason my personal guarantee for all my jewellery is .....

If you don't love it , we'll alter it until you do. Free repairs for life.


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