I hate running so why am I running a half marathon? September 23 2018

Ever since those PE lesson in the dim and distant past when I forced go on cross country runs, over muddy fields in the freezing cold, I have hated running. In autumn 2017 I joined a beginners running club with the aim of being able to run 5km with ease. In my head I new I could run 5km , but my body had other ideas. Every training session was an effort. I did in the end run 5km but not with ease.

Fast forward to April 2018. I had random , crazy notion to run a half marathon. How hard could it be? It is only just over four  5km runs. I signed my daughter , Danielle, up to run too. Danielle is also self proclaimed non - runner, so training has been fun ?!?!!?? We are now part of a team, Team Awesome. Our team comprises of Nick , our coach and experienced marathon runner, Helena  an experienced runner and Tanya who is a 10km runner who has tried hard for the longer distance.

Why are we doing this? Well initially it was just a challenge, but it was hard so we needed a greater cause. Our chosen cause is Rise Africa UK. This is an amazing charity founded by Olivia Faulkner in 2011. In the UK we take the education of our children for granted. In Tanzania , only the privileged few who have enough money to pay for an education can go to school. This is not right. This is not fair. All children should have the chance for an education and look forward to a future with hope and dreams. Rise Africa raises funds so that they can pay to send vulnerable children in rural Tanzania to school. It costs £42.00 per month to send a child to a primary school. Every penny raised goes directly to the charity. So the more money we can raise the more children can become educated and help themselves out of poverty. It would be amazing if you could find it in your heart to sponsor our run, even a small amount would really help . We run our Half Marathon next on Sunday 30th September 2018.

Click HERE to help raise a vulnerable child out of poverty.

Our training programme was devised by Nick . He knew we were not fans of running so produced a plan which would get us ready for the event as painlessly as possible. We started off with 5km runs……. we did these for quite a few weeks.

We could even smile after these runs !!!!

The runs then got longer ……on average by 1km per run. I think Nick thought we might not notice !


Our longest run was 10 miles. I would like to say it was easy , but I felt every mile. It was the encouragement and motivation provided by Nick that got Danielle and I around the route. However, although I could hardly move at the end of our run I then knew that we could complete the full , half marathon …..only 3 miles more . Even at a crawl we can do this.

Please help us, help raise vulnerable children out of poverty and donate all you can spare HERE.

Should you be reading this after 30th September 2018 then you can donate directly to the charity HERE

In the UK our children have a free education as a right. Whilst many children want and love to go to school few do with the appreciation and gratitude that these extremely poor and vulnerable exhibit every day. It seems that the more we have the less we appreciate it. These children in Tanzania really do value school and the gift of education. Do something wonderful and help today by giving whatever you can spare


Thank you