Art, sculpture, jewellery and cake September 21 2018

Art4Africa 2018 was an amazing event. The group floor and gardens of a private house was converted into a gallery for four days to raise funds for Rise Africa UK, a charity founded in 2011 by Olivia Faulkner to help give vulnerable children in Tanzania an education. There were 85 fantastic artisans exhibiting their work over the the four days.

The photograph below shows Olivia Faulkner , the founder of the charity , wearing the Acacia tree pendant and Peninia who helps look after the children that the charity funds.

There were stunning sculptures….

Breath taking paintings…….

Interesting pottery…….
And obviously my jewellery……….
We sold enough of the Acacia Tree pendants to be able to pay for one child in Tanzania to go to school for a whole year. Our aim is to be able to pay the school fees for five children for one year.
Cake had been generously donated to the cause and was areal bonus ….especially as there was some gorgeous gluten free cake which meant that I could have some too.!!!
The Acacia tree pendant is able to purchase HERE
Remember that the sale of pendant covers the school fees for one month for a vulnerable child in Tanzania. The Acacia tree pendant is a limited edition of 250 pendants which will enable 5 children to have an education  that would otherwise be out of their reach.