Introducing the new Champagne Jewellery Collection September 17 2013

I love bubbles!  To me bubbles represent Fun, Freedom and Fantasy.

At home we always have a supply of children’s bubbles in the house. I buy the sword wands that blow large bubbles. I pretend that the bubbles are for my labrador dog, Coco, who loves leaping around the garden to pop the bubbles, but really they are for me. Watching Coco chase around the garden never fails to release tension and bring a smile to the face.

Two years ago I discovered the freedom of scuba diving. In the past I had been confined to the surface of the water, snorkeling above the reef, which is fun, but there is always something you can’t quite see. It is a much more fulfilling experience to swim amongst the fish and explore the coral reefs below the surface. Bubbles are an integral part of the diving experience, streaming from our mouthpieces when we exhale. I have fond memories of fish swimming with us, playing in and out of these bubbles. 

One of the finest qualities of bubbles is their fantasy and dream quality. Floating free on the breeze the bubbles reflect a rainbow of colours over their surface as though by magic. Dreaming is an essential skill for all designers. How else would we be able to create our wonderful new designs? 
Bubbles were the inspiration for my latest jewellery collection. Whilst soaking in a gorgeous spa bubblebath, drinking a glass of  hampagne, I observed the silvery bubbles rising up the golden liquid in my champagne glass. The Champagne Collection was inspired in that very moment!
Over the following two months the Champagne Collection was evolved in my workshop to produce a jewellery range of which I am extremely proud. Silver domes (bubbles), lined with gold adorn the neck, fingers and wrist, and cascade from the ears. In each bubble rests a freshwater pearl. The colours and shapes of this elegant, handmade jewellery collection make it both very desirable and wearable. A luxurious image for the style conscious woman.

Miniature Champagne bottles of bubbles on my desk......just in case I need a little inspiration!

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Designed with passion. Given with love. Worn with style.